Growth Hacking- What is it and Can we make this a real life success Story?

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Growth Hacking- What is it and Can we do it here?

Growth Hacking was a term first coined by Sean Ellis in 2010.  Sean made a reputation for helping tech companies exponentially accelerate their growth.  He coined the term, and since it has been one of the most talked about, misunderstood, and overused terms in silicon valley.   Essentially Growth Hacking became a term that Sean coined in an article he wrote, describing a need that went beyond the traditional marketing background most of the people Sean interviewed for his startups as he looked to step aside once the growth plan and systems were put in place. 


What he found was that most of the traditional marketing skill sets, while important were way too broad for a startup , what he was looking for were candidates "whose true north was growth", that is how he described it in his blog post: "Find a growth hacker for your startup"  To this day many people hear the term hacking attached to many things, life hacking, growth hacking, and yet most don't fully understand how to implement in their day to day business, this includes me.  

The goal of this article and a significant portion of this site, will be to try and figure out how we can incorporate the principles of growth hacking, and create an actionable guide for many of the businesses web marketers focus on: internet marketing, video marketing, seo, Pay Per lead, and affiliate marketing. We know that viral posts have been used to great success for entertainment sites like BUZZFEED, however, I have yet to see anyone try and take these tactics and apply it directly to web marketing.    

My goal will be to share what we learn on this site, but also hopefully create some real time case study examples for everyone to learn from and replicate.   

If you want a great resource for growth Hacking Check out : The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking by Neil Patel and Bronson Taylor.  I will include the resource link below.  Hope it helps, and here is to our mutual success! 

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Growth Hacking- What is it and Can we make this a real life success Story?


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